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Movie - 10 February 2021

5 Remarkable Unknown Movies for Valentines Day



Emma Barbier


Valentine’s day is coming up and you don’t have anything planned? You’re in the right place!


With the current restrictions, it may be hard to have access to a cinema… Instead, I have prepared a list of films for you that have screened over the past decade. These are unconventional movies, which you may not have watched yet. So, get yourself a projector (or TV), turn off the lights and make yourself some popcorn, because you deserve to watch a good movie on valentines.

1. American Honey (2016)

This movie follows Star, an impoverished young girl which ran away from her home. She joins a travelling sales crew, where she meets the handsome Jake. They all drive together across the American Midwest, where she will experience law-bending days, true friendships and young love.


”American Honey is undeniably gorgeous. It’s drenched in color; it drips with it like, yes, honey. In the center of it all is Sasha Lane as Star, just as bright (if not brighter), and impossible not to watch.”

– Karen Han, Rotten Tomatoes

2. Suite Francaise (2014)

This film will take you back to 1940, in a French village. Lucile and her mother have been assigned a German officer to their home. Very quickly, tension and forbidden love will surface and trap them in the tragedy of war.

Bonus point: has great classical music.


3. Through the Fire (Sauver ou Perir) (2018)

This true story follows the life of a French firefighter. Even though it is hard to watch, it is a must-see to remind yourself to be grateful for what you have and be grateful to these people which dedicate their lives to protecting us.  


4. Never Look Away (2018)

This German coming-of-age romantic drama is set to captivate you. You will travel from WWII to post-war East Berlin and finish off in the capitalistic west. This movie tells the story of a young artist, Kurt, which falls in love with fellow student, Ellie. Neither of them know that their lives have actually been connected for a very long time.


”This is a film that throws a frame around history, and makes it as intimate and tender as a portrait.”

– Robbie Collin, Rotten tomatoes

5. Malcom & Marie (2021)

You will either hate or love this movie, but it’s interesting because it is unconventional. This hour and a half long conversation between a fighting couple is entirely filmed on Kodak film in black and white and has incredibly beautiful cinematography.