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Uncategorized - 24 February 2021

Top Netflix Nature Documentaries you Need to Watch



Emma Barbier


Netflix has a vast choice of movies to watch, and sometimes it is so vast that it can get overwhelming. I think that we can all agree that Netflix also has some popular documentaries – The Social Dilemma, The Game Changers, What The Health… The list goes on.

But Netflix also has a vats choice of nature documentaries, some which touch upon conservation problems and others which dive into how complex an animal’s behavior can be. I have put a list of five current Netflix documentaries which I thought were just splendid.

1. Our Planet

This is actually a mini doco-series, with each episode based on one of Earth’s biomes. Each episode gives details about how all living organisms in that area interact. The episodes are not linked to one another, so you can choose to watch whichever episode whenever you feel like it.


Furthermore, I think this series is great because it touches on how humans are changing the environment for some of these animals. Sometimes we have beneficial effects, and most of the time we have detrimental effects.

2. Dancing with the Birds

The title of this one is already cool. Did you know how social and flirty birds actually are? I was mind-blown by all the things birds do to impress their partner. This documentary is based on the ‘Birds of Paradise’ which live in Papua New Guinea. They are beautifully colored birds with extraordinary habits. After watching this series, you will never look at birds the same way. 

3. My Octopus Teacher

This documentary follows the story of a South African man who’s therapy was swimming everyday in the Southern Ocean. He starts to form a very special bond, which we can call a friendship, with an octopus. You might think what? An octopus? Who cares…


Well actually no, cephalopods are actually extremely intelligent beings which are known to recognize faces, have their own personalities and can even solve human enigmas! Crazy right?


This won’t surprise you after you watch this documentary.

4. Virunga

Virunga is a special one, as it dives into the social and political issues that can arise around conservation and ecology. Africa is also a continent with a heavy past, which still impacts what goes on there today.


This documentary is filmed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, in one of Africa’s first protected national park. It focuses on the work of local park rangers which do their best to protect the endangered gorillas during a violent rebellion. On top of this, local authorities have to fight against a British oil company which decided they would set up their collection point in the middle of the park.


This documentary dives deep into the complexity of the African continent, corruption and the dedication of rangers which are willing to give up their lives for their gorillas. A master-piece.

5. Chasing Coral

When we talk about the climate changing, we often hear about coral reefs. This documentary will help you understand exactly how they work, why they bleach and how we could potentially stop this phenomenon. We will follow a team which wants to make the general public aware of how serious this problem is – and they will try anything to get footage which will make people realize ‘oh wow, this is vary bad and we need to do something about it’.