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Culture - Movie - 12 February 2021

The top 10 best Netflix series to watch



Rodrigo Morena


To help you out, we've put together a list of the 20 best Netflix series in this year 2021! The 20 Netflix series to watch urgently!

1. House of Cards

House of Cards est une adaptation de la série britannique House of Cards US, créée par Beau Willimon et réalisée par David Fincher et Kevin Spacey. Cette série s’articule autour de deux protagonistes: Frank et Claire Underwood. Celui-ci est un homme politique américain, membre du Congrès démocratique et prêt à tout pour arriver au pouvoir. Claire, sa femme, dirige une ONG environnementale et est aussi ambitieuse que son mari. Ce couple si particulier façonne l’image de cette série avec un humour noir grinçant. La série traite des thèmes de la trahison, de la manipulation, du pouvoir et du pragmatisme impitoyable; une série où les complots deviennent réalité.

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2. Homeland

Des soldats américains découvrent lors d’une mission commando un marin américain prisonnier d’Al-Qaïda depuis déjà 8 ans. De retour aux États-Unis, il retrouve sa femme et ses enfants, qui ont bien changé. Carrie, secrètement diagnostiquée bipolaire, est un agent de la CIA qui surveille de très près le marine Thomas Brody. Elle se demande si celui-ci est devenu un danger pour la sécurité nationale américaine et si son traumatisme est bien réel.


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3. Call My Agent!

If you dream of the upper echelons of French cinema, it is high time to watch Dix per cent, now. This series is about four actor agents with strong character scrambling to make sure those they believe in can work and get the best roles. From Cécile de France to Isabelle Adjani without forgetting the magnificent Audrey Fleurot, we can see the sometimes complicated life of the biggest stars of French cinema, although this remains fictitious.

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4. Sherlock

Adapted from the intrigues of Arthur Conan Doyle, this series with Benedict Cumberbatch will not stop surprising you … We obviously find detective Sherlock Holmes and his famous sidekick of Doctor John Watson, but in the 21st century. The latest technology will help Sherlock with his deductions and observational gifts, and thus allow him to find deals and solve them.

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5. The Bonfire Of Destiny

We are in 1897, a fire destroyed in about thirty minutes the Bazar de la Charité, a building known for charitable donations, the flames trapping people of high society and especially women. In total, more than 120 people were found charred and it is very difficult to identify the bodies. This fire will forever change the future of three young women, survivors of this tragedy: Adrienne De Lenverpre, Alice De Jeansin, and her good Rose Rivière. This mini-series shows 19th century society and doesn’t fail to reveal the truth about what really happened.

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6. Sex Education

Otis is a teenager whose mother is a sex therapist, which allows him to know a lot more than his high school mates about sex. Maeve, her friend, trains her to conduct sex therapy for her high school friends. Previously completely anonymous, Otis found himself at the height of popularity.
An original and comical series, for all the lost teenagers or the adults who try to recall memories!

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7. Orange Is the New Black

Piper Chapman leads a quiet life until she reports herself to the police for carrying a suitcase of money from drug trafficking ten years earlier for her then-lover, Alex Vause. They find themselves within the walls of Litchfield Women’s Prison where all bashing is allowed, from prisoners and guards alike. A series that pays tribute to the beauty of these women, to their strength and to the solidarity that unites them (but not always) …

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8. Suits

Harvey is a great lawyer, practicing in one of the most prestigious law firms in New York. In job interviews for the future assistant, Mick becomes a candidate despite himself. He is finally hired but he does not have a diploma, and will have to quickly catch up with the great Harvey Specter, while posing as a lawyer to the other collaborators.

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9. Breaking Bad

Walt is a family man and a high school chemistry teacher. With his wife, they are expecting their second child and their already adolescent son is disabled. When diagnosed with lung cancer he decides to start producing methamphetamine for you to support his family.

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10. The Walking Dead

Why not watch The Walking Dead when we’re in the middle of Covid-19? Rick, a Kings County Deputy Sheriff, wakes up from his coma in a world where everything is different. Human beings are turning into living dead because of a virus, hitherto unknown. Rick reunites with his family and battles ensue between the living dead and humans, who are also desperate to survive.

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