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Culture - 14 February 2021

An erotic typographical by Viktor Hertz



Ron Fauche


Viktor Hertz, photographer and graphic designer based in Stockholm loves provocations. A few years after “Honest Logos” where he tried to show the big brands in a more honest light. Today he offers us these fun creation. Who may replace the traditional πŸ‘πŸ˜ˆπŸ† in your future messages πŸ˜‰


For us ordinary mortals who do not work in graphics, fonts are of little importance. If they don’t seem the same to us, that doesn’t mean we will bother to create a doc world. But Victor Hertz shows us these typographies in a different light. Perhaps after seeing his work the typo choices will seem less trivial to you. And that thanks to his new artistic project which mixes typography and eroticism. The talented designer chose 50 different typographies and used them to recreate different anatomical parts of the female body: bodies, buttocks and vaginas. Since the glyphs are different, the same images can also be very different from each other, which I think is the most interesting aspect of the project. I won’t tell you more because with this beautiful and subtle result, there is something for everyone!

From the elegant buttocks didot (typo dior) to the proiminate american typewriter

Typography goes beyond conveying meaning. It is about emotion, about feelings. It contains a very heavy load of ideas pre-designed for your audience. She can convey love, rebellion, confidence, humor. It is a message in itself!


Typography is an indispensable tool in design. Thanks to the richness, originality and beauty of typography, we will convey much more than just text. It is an essential part of graphic and web design.


Whether it’s an infographic, a web design, a business card or a brochure, typography is the key element that will set the tone and aesthetic style of the entire artwork.


She’s almost like the conductor who directs the consistency of all the blocks, graphics and photos that are around. The final work is the result of all the elements that form a coherent, attractive, functional and aesthetic whole.


And this is perfectly put forward in the work of the Swedish designer


Bodies in parenthesis and in point ...

Much research has been carried out to explain this phenomenon. When we look at the text, our eyes follow the lines. It makes reading a truly physical experience. You can compare it to the way you react to people’s body language. In a survey conducted by Poffenberger and Barrows in 1933, people were asked to match their emotions to different forms. The descending lines were considered “gloomy” while the ascending lines gave participants a feeling of joy. What will Hertz’s upcoming work inspire you?


From the Origin of the World to shiva - regular by Viktor Herst!

Since every day instagram takes care of showing us all what we have just seen … Wouldn’t it be more fun to push the provocation a little further?